Dry January

Like a lot of people my drinking increased considerably in 2020. I didn’t (and don’t) think I have a problem but I have known a “few” alcoholics and I know it’s the kind of thing that sneaks up on you. I have it in my family and I’ve known people who struggled with it, it’s the other “Irish curse”.

I used to stop drinking every couple of years for the full year, January 1st to December 31st as a way to check myself. It wasn’t that hard really but it dawned on me that it’s been years since I’ve had any significant streak of sobriety and thought that maybe it was time for another check-in with myself.

I was working on my New Years’ resolutions and had decided that sobriety would be one of them then I started stressing about waiting til the 1st and decided to just stop the day after Christmas rather than waiting a week.

So. That’s what I did. Today is 3 weeks and I honestly noticed very little difference. Strangely, and this may be a mark of age, I stopped needing Tums. I hadn’t made that connection but clearly it was there as I was going through them like candy. I’m sleeping a little better but not significantly.

Yesterday, though, i had a moment of euphoria. I suddenly just felt “great”. My mind was clear and I was optimistic, which is not like me at all. I’m not sure if it was just all the alcohol finally leaving my body or what. I’m not complaining though.

So, I have set no end date where I’ll allow myself a drink although I am thinking i might have a glass of wine in February. I don’t really do well with “moderation” though so I will take it as it comes and maybe add a “Dry February” to 2021 as well.

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